Alliance of Independent Rottweiler Klubs

Requirements for Entries

In all classes which have an age limit—the dog must be four, six, nine, twelve, or eighteen months of age on THE DAY of showing.

Dogs must be 24 months or more for all adult classes: OPEN, BREEDERS, WORKING, GEBRAUCHSHUND, VETERAN, SIEGER

Copies of AKC registration papers must be included with all entries. Four to six month old puppies may be entered with the AKC litter registration number. No person under suspension with the AKC may participate in any AIRK event.

For the "Breeders Class" the person presenting the dog must be the breeder of the dog. (Not necessarily the owner). This is NOT a BBE as in AKC.

In order to enter the Sieger or Champion class the dog must be an AKC or CKC Champion or Champion of a country. We accept ARV and USRC National Siegers. No Regional Siegers are eligible. If your dog or bitch has acquired the title of AIRK Sieger or Siegerin you must pick up your certificate from the show secretary. You will need it at your next show. Remember, once a Sieger, always a Sieger. That is the only class that dog may now be entered in.

Best Puppy will come from the 4-6, 6-9 & 9-12 month classes. Youth Sieger will come from 12-18 & 18-24 month classes.

Only adults (over 24 months) can become Sieger or Siegerin—this includes the Veteran Classes.

Working Class: Dogs & bitches over 24 months of age with a working title. This title must represent an "assistance to mankind". Most "working titles" qualify; however, titles such as CGC, PT, HIT and all Agility titles do not. If you have any questions, please get in touch with Dennis Hughes.

Gebrauchshund Class (if offered): Must have a Schutzhund title. Schutzhund titled dogs may be entered in the Working class if a Gebrauchshund class is not offered.

Veterans Class: must be seven years of age.

Non regular classes include Kennel Class, Stud Dog Class & Brood Bitch Class.

Kennel Class: A minimum of three dogs representing the kennel's breeding program. Must include progeny from two different litters & must be entered in regular classes.

Stud Dog Class: Three progeny from two different litters. Progeny must be entered in regular classes.

Brood Bitch Class: Two progeny from two different litters. Progeny must be entered in regular classes. (Note that it is not necessary for the Stud Dog or Brood Bitch to be entered in the regular classes.)

For the Ztp: Dog must have a BH, Tattoo, hip certification and original pedigree.

After 30 months of age "pending" will not be allowed concerning hip ratings. The dog must either have a number or a 0 will be used.

No critiques will be given (either orally or written) unless the dog competes in the class.

Alliance of Independent Rottweiler Klubs except where indicated
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