2013 AIRK National Sieger Show

hosted by Southeastern Atlantic Rottweiler Klub (SARK)

Hello Rottweiler friends!

First, I must say thank you to the club who invited me to judge SARK’s Klubsieger 2013. It was three very nice days in Charleston and the place where the show was held was lovely. We do not have this type of large park in Sweden with different types of activities for both people and dogs—perhaps with some areas for horses as well. There was also a nice waterpark for the families in the summer.

The organization of the show was excellent. Everybody knew what to do and when to do it. Keep up that good work.

On Saturday, we started with puppies and young dogs. That is a very important day because it says what’s coming in the next generations. I think you can relax because from what I saw that day, you have many very good dogs coming up. In about one year, you will have a lot of these dogs on top of the lines in your shows.

The winning puppy bitch was something we don’t see every day. She was so nice in body and bones and the head had a very nice expression, as well as how she moved. It was exceptional. We don’t see that so often. I can only hope she grows up and still has what she had that day when she is two years old.

The other top placed puppies and young dogs were also very nice. The winning young male was powerful with a nice head, very good bones and very nice movement. All winners were very good in type and had very good movement. For me, it’s very important that our dogs have good movement because this is a working dog.

On Sunday, it was the grown up dogs’ time to enter the ring. On that day I was very pleased because the quality of the dogs was so good, the same as on Saturday. You must have some very good breeders who take care of the breed and carefully look into type, movement and power because the quality is so good. I can only say congratulations and please go on and take care of all the good dogs you have.

The winning male was small to medium size with a good body, nice head and expression, very good bones, and he moved excellent and powerful. Reserve winning male was medium with very good bones, strong head, and very good body. He got the reserve because his movement was not as powerful as the winner.

I can say nearly exactly the same about the bitches. The winner was so nice all together, and also moved excellent with power. The difference between the winner and the reserve was that the reserve had a very nice head, body and strength, very good bones and angulations, but she could move better.

What about all the others who didn’t become winners? They are very good—as I said in the beginning, you have a high quality in all dogs you presented to me. Thanks for that. Wasn’t there something that was not good? Yes, of course there were some things. I was very sad when I discovered missing teeth and undershot bites. There were a couple of dogs with those problems, and they were very good dogs, too. Sorry for that. I wish you all a nice summer. Take care of yourselves and your dogs and thank you for all the good sportsmanship you had.

show report by judge Yvonne Brink (FCI-Sweden)

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