MARK 2011 Sieger Show Schedule

Saturday, October 22

8:00am *Ztp Practice with Helper begins
9:00am Opening Ceremonies
9:15am Male Puppy 4 to 6 months
Male Puppy 9 to 12 months
10:30am Female Puppy 4 to 6 months
Female Puppy 6 to 9 months
Female Puppy 9 to 12 months
11:30am Rescue Parade
12:00pm Lunch Break
*Ztp Measuring and Traffic: Judge Hughes
*Ztp Critiques: Judge Hughes
1:30pm Youth Males 12 to 18 months
Youth Males 18 to 24 months
2:30pm Youth Females 12 to 18 months
4:30pm Best Puppy Male/Female Presentations
Youth Sieger/Siegerin Presentations
7:00pm Judges Dinner

Sunday, October 23

9:00am *Ztp Working Portion
10:00am Open Male
Working Male
Gebrauchshund Male
Veteran Male
Breeders Male
12:00pm Lunch Break
Fastest Recall Contest
1:00pm Open Female
Working Female
Gebrauchshund Female
Veteran Female
Breeders Female
3:00pm Kennel Class
3:15pm Hardest Long Bite Contest
4:00pm Protection Tournament
5:00pm Sieger/Siegerin Presentation
*Ztp medal presentations
Closing Ceremonies

*Note: Times of classes and events are approximate, so pay attention to the announcer for event starting times.

Contact David Knight or (704) 907-0294 for more information.

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