AIRK 2009 National Sieger Show

hosted by Mid-Atlantic Rottweiler Klub (MARK)

AIRK '09 National Sieger Warlord Erwin Rommel v Zmax
1st Place Open Males
AIRK '09 National Siegerin Kostlich You're My Goldie v Ursa
1st Place Siegerin Class

The 6th annual National Sieger Show was held on October 24 & 25 in Mooresville/Mt Ulla, North Carolina. Our judge was internationally known Terje Lindstrom of the Kimura Kennels in Norway. We were especially favored with the presence of his friend Gert who did a considerable amount of helper work with our visitors and club members dogs.

The weather was quite variable, and we began Saturday with a deluge; however, Judge Lindstrom donned his wet suit and proceeded with the puppy classes, choosing as his Best Puppy Dog and Best Puppy bitch littermates! Their type was not to be overlooked and one could see what the judge was looking for from the very beginning.

The afternoon turned warm and sunny and the handlers changed from their rain wear to shorts and T's. The officiating continued with very large classes of youth dogs and bitches.

The Youth Sieger was the very nice young dog Cobra v Landschaft bred and owned by Rusty and Misty Combs. The Youth Siegerin was Kostlich Zzora Royal v Ursa from the same kennel as the Best Puppy Dog and Bitch!

On Sunday the weather turned cold and windy. The dogs did not mind, but humans were freezing! With such a large entry (160 plus ) Mr Lindstrom finally decided that his Sieger would be Warlord Erwin Rommel v Z-Max owned by David Knight. The Siegerin was Kostlich You're my Goldie v Ursa.

With puppies, Kostlich Austin Blu Odin Misty Lake and sister Misty Lakes-Silverstar Prada v Ursa, Youth Siegerin, and Siegerin, Rebecca Chriscoe went home with a load of trophies floating on cloud nine! What a remarkable showing of her breeding program.

For the first time we offered a class for "exhibition only" for dogs and owners who have had success with their animals, but for some reason could not, or wished not to show in the regular classes. It was a huge success and everyone enjoyed seeing past winners and older dogs that could not be in the Veterans Class. The crowd gave each and every dog a warm welcome and tears came to many of us who remembered them when they were very young.

We offered the occasion to the local chapter of the Atlantic Rottweiler Rescue to sell various items in order to raise money for assistance in maintaining the unfortunate members of our breed without homes. Suzi Faulkner (Miss Rescue) also officiated with the CGCs and our club donated that money to the rescue group.

It would be inappropriate for me not to congratulate our GREAT crew of members who as usual came through with the really hard work. Thanks to Richard and Sue Shuler, Dwayne Martin, Ben McMillan, Kevin Wood, Larry and Janice Lackey,(host and hostess to our judge and his friend, Mike Ellis (our "super" ring steward) and all others including the members of The Piedmont Schutzhund Club. Thanks also to Lena and Sean for an excellent job with recording and printing the critiques. A bunch of Champions all!

The Alliance wishes to thank all who supported this show with their entries, donations to the trophy fund, raffle, purchase of our 2010 calendar, TTRM, and your ever present best wishes. AIRK looks forward to your presence next year for the National Sieger Show when the New England Rottweiler Fanciers will be host.

show report by Marge Gold
photos by Christina Meacham

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